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- 09 Aug 09 -
Version 0.3.2 is coming soon.

* Bug-fix: hashlib++ is more stable on 64Bit systems.

* Added testing methods to test the specific hash-functions on the target platform.

Stay tuned for version 0.3.2.

- 17 Feb 08 -
Version 0.3.1 is ready.
This is basically a bugfix-release.

* Added hl_types.h which defines basic typdefs to avoid compile-errors on some systems.

* Added DEBUG flag to the Unix-Makefile

* Added hashlibpp.h which is just an include-wrapper.

- 11 Jan 08 -
Here is hashlib++ release 0.3.
Changelog for the new version:

* SHA384 and SHA512 support has been added to hashlib++.

* Throwing exceptions allow better error-handling.

* Bug fixes.

- 17 Oct 07 -
The second release has been published: hashlib++ VERSION 0.2 is available. Improvements for the new version:

* ! SHA256 support has been added to hashlib++ !

* Added a Linux/FreeBSD makefile and a "Setup.exe" for Windows to build/install hashlib++ as a static library.

* All files have been renamed using the prefix "hl_" to prevent name collisions.

* Replaced sprintf by using an ostringstream to format the hash to a hex string.

- 22 Sep 07 -
hashlib++ VERSION 0.1 has been released. It supports easy MD5 and SHA1 hash creation and works on 32- and 64-Bit platforms.

- 20 Sep 07 -
hashlib2plus.sourceforge.net is online. This website provides several information about the hashlib++ project.
The first release VERSION 0.1 will be available in a few days. By now you can checkout the HEAD via SVN.

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